>Project for Awesome

>I’m so excited for Project for Awesome this year. I’ve decided to participate 100% by making a video and then spending all day lurking on youtube commenting and rating the other videos.

I wrote up my “script” yesterday so now I just have to wait till the 17th!

In other news…

I really don’t have any other news. I committed myself to Nanowrimo next year by creating an account yesterday. I spent a lot of last night dreaming up ideas and characters. At this rate I’ll be set for next year. 🙂

I went on neopets today and my account has been frozen for scamming. I would never ever scam people. This makes me really angry. A lot angrier than it should since it’s a kids website that I haven’t even been on in over a year.

Well, this post sucks cause my life is boring and I haven’t done a single thing yet today and it’s already 2pm. I really need a hobby, but first I have to learn to drive so I can actually go somewhere.

I should probably get a job sometime soon.

On that note, I’m out of here.

My ramen noodles are calling me.

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