>I Didn’t Watch The Superbowl.

>Today was The Superbowl.  I didn’t watch it. I really could care less about sports.  Haha. 

We slept in till like 1pm today.  It was nice. I felt super lazy when we finally got up.  We didn’t do anything really today.  Just lounged around the house and read.  Well, I read and Mikey played Pokemon.  I’m not done with New Moon yet, but I’m getting there.  I’m going to try to finish it tomorrow because I need to read some random book for this book club I’m going to with my mom on Tuesday.  It sounds fun enough I guess.

So yeah that was our day.  We went to Logan’s for dinner. It was so good. I love eating there.  I hope we get our tax money tomorrow since we are now broke. :{ It was fun being big spenders this weekend. 

Well that’s about it.  I’m off to watch some more Bones.  Catch ya tomorrow.

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