>We went on this really cute picnic today for Valentine’s Day.  We did it all classic like with a checkered blanket, picnic basket, and a big tree in the background. It was super cute.

It was really nice outside today, so afterwords we hung out and relaxed.  I read while Mikey played Pokemon.  I have to say it was one of the best Valentine’s Days ever.  I think this is a new thing we’re going to start doing more often.  At least while the weather is still not too hot.
We watched more Bones tonight.  I’m still mushy over Hodgens, but Zach is starting to grow on me.  His facial expressions are awesome!  I totally without a doubt LOVE this show!
It’s late and I’m sleepy.  There is no Inner Bad Girl today. Just keep enjoying those chocolates you bought for yourself.
See ya tomorrow loves!
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