>Review – Extras by Scott Westerfeld


This fourth installment of the Uglies series is listed as a companion novel on Scott Westerfeld’s website, but it was way more than that.  Told from the point of view of Aya Fuse, 15 year old Uglie, this book follows nicely in the footsteps of the previous three books.  It takes place several years after Specials.  Aya is a kicker who is trying to up her face rank and falls upon a very interesting story that is definitely worth sharing.  The release of her story draws the attention of Tally Youngblood and pulls them all into a journey that only could be written by Westerfeld.  Once again, Westerfeld paints this over materialistic world that mirrors things in our world today. He paints a picture of the consumerism we live in, but gives it a hint of fantasy.  Readers will be pulled into this book much like the rest of the series, and it is quite a fantastic ride. The action in this book is suspenseful enough, but could use a little more depth.  As a fan of Westerfeld, I wasn’t unhappy with this book, but there was plot points that left me a little lost.  For example, it is said at one point that the characters are speaking Japanese the whole time, this is not something I ever picked up on before this point and it left me a little confused.  Also with these books being futuristic, would the languages still hold up to be the same?  All in all this a decent book, and if you are a fan of the rest of the Uglies series, you’ll love this one.

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