>Life Is Not About Waiting For The Storm To Pass…

>it is about learning to dance in the rain.

We went to church this morning and the guest preacher talked about dancing in the rain.  I really liked what she said.  She also talked about not giving up on your dreams and your visions.  Again my calling has been brought up.  I like Cathedral. I’m happy to keep going there if Mikey is.

The inspection on the house yesterday found a lot of problems, but Turtle has decided to get it still.  He’s finishing the closing tomorrow.  I think it’ll be alright.

I’m watching Rent right now. I forgot how much I LOVE it.  It’s taking a lot out of me not to sing and quote the whole thing.  Everything from the original musical, I know by heart. I used to be obessed with listening to the original Broadway recording. 🙂

I forgot to talk about comics yesterday. My husband and his brother are really into collecting silver age comics lately.  I’m not a huge fan of them, unless they’re Superman ones.  We went to a shop yesterday and I was browsing the newer stuff and found this series called Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  They’re a bit risque, but I want them all REALLY bad.  I’ll have to start collecting them! 🙂

Ok I’m out of here for today. I MUST MUST MUST finish Very Lefreak tomorrow before I do ANYTHING else!  Expect that review.

Random Blog of the Day: Chris&Jessica…Super cute blog of a super cute couple. They haven’t blogged recently.   They’re getting ready to have their first baby, so they’re probably busy.

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