>I Love Books…Bookie Book Books!

>Hi, My name is Manda and I’m addicted to books.
(Hi Manda)

Haha I think I need to go to rehab for my book and internet addiction.  My stack of books to read is getting out of control again.  I finished reading Very LeFreak today. The review is in the post prior to this one. 🙂  My synopsis is a little jagged, sorry I wasn’t feeling it when I was writing it.  I got another book for review today in the mail! So now I have four left to review. I’m expecting more in the mail too. Man I’m going book crazy.  I also joined two book tours.  YAY BOOKS! Did I mention I love books?

I’ve been playing on my mom’s laptop all day.  I definitely need to get one asap.  It’s so much better than a desktop computer.  I love being able to take it with me all over the house. Haha notice I didn’t say take it with me anywhere.  I never leave the house.  I’m such a loser. 🙂  I’m ok with this fact though.  Haha.

Ok that’s enough crazy talk for today I think.  See ya all tomorrow.

Current Book Count: 28…Only 8 more to make it to twelve this month…oh man.

An Inner Bad Girl Diet Tip: Some days our mind says, “grains, veggies, fruit.” Other days it says, “melted cheese, melted cheese, chocolate. Consider striking a balance.

Random Blog of the Day: Jennifer’s Photo Blog… It’s exactly what it says. Photos by Jennifer. Lot’s of pictures of her kids and of their pets. Cute stuff.

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