>Chicken and Dumplings & Death By Chick Lit

>I finished reading Death By Chick Lit. It was GREAT! I totally recommend it to everyone. It’s a great murder mystery with a light, fun edge.  It’s a pretty quick read, but totally worth it.  I love Lynn Harris’ writing style and will definitely have to check out more of her books.

We went to the library and I picked up MORE books. I got Wake and Fade by Lisa McMann. I found them both, so I figure I’ll check them out, so then I can read her newest one, Gone. I also got another Meg Cabot book. I’m going to check hers out every time I find them, till I have them all read.  I got few others, but they’re not in front of me, so I can’t think of what they are. (Man I am the queen of run-on sentances today.)  All YA Urban Fantasy stuff. I also made a stack of stuff I need to read for reviews.  I’ll start The Iron King before bed.

I made Chicken and Dumplings for dinner. IT was my first time making it and man was it good.  I’ll definitely have to add it to the list of stuff I make all the time.  It was easy to make and super delicious.

Ok off to watch Sunshine Cleaning.  We checked it out from the library. It looks interesting. See ya tomorrow.

Current Book Count: 46

“Death and taxes and childbirth. There’s never any convenient time for any of them.”–Margaret Mitchell

Random Blog of the Day: Abundant Curiosity … A eco-friendly family blog. There is some interesting parenting techniques going on here. Seems to be working well for them.

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One Response to >Chicken and Dumplings & Death By Chick Lit

  1. MarceJ says:

    >Saying hello from the Book Blog Hop.The Wake trilogy is great, if you love Wake I recommend reading Fade immediately, you will want to anyways.

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