>I Love Ice Cream!

>I’m sitting here eating ice cream and humming happy tunes to myself.  Ah bliss.

I had a migraine this morning, so I slept like ALL day.  I finished reading Book 4 of the Daughters of the Moon series and started on Book 5.

I made homemade spaghetti sauce and spaghetti for dinner, it was yummy.  Definitely better than store bought sauce. I win.

We played more Lego Star Wars. I like being a jedi. Jedi mind tricks are the best part!

I just realized I can sort of hear out of my right ear! YAY! *Happy Dance*

Ok I’m totally grasping for stuff to write now.  I really don’t have anything exciting to say for today. I’m sorry.

See ya tomorrow! 🙂

Current Book Count: 48…that’s 12 for April! I still have lots of days left to read!

If a woman succeeds at anything, the chances are good she’s going to be called a “b” at some point.  Your Inner Bad Girl wonders if that’s really such a bad thing.

Random Blog of the Day: Blogging from Alice Springs… a decent blogger, with some interesting stuff. She’s cutesy and fun.

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