>We just got back from seeing Kick Ass. IT WAS AMAZING! It literally is the BEST movie I’ve EVER seen. The previews totally did not do it justice. I was expecting a super funny dorky movie and it was WAY WAY more than that! Go see this if you haven’t already! Everyone must see this movie.

We saw a preview for the new Nightmare on Elm Street that comes out next week. Oh man I was in tears just from the preview. It looks like it is going to be terrifying. Yikes!

I’m still reading Jonas Beautiful Dead. I plan on finishing it tonight or early tomorrow. I bought two books at Barnes and Noble today, Perfect Chemistry and Heavenstone Secrets. I want to read them ASAP and also their sequels that I got from the Bloggers Conference.

Alright, I’m super tired from last night still. We didn’t get home till like 3am and there was a big drama that happened. I’m not going to get into it here because I’m over it.  People are lame. That’s all you need to know. 🙂

Ok off to bed. See ya tomorrow!

An Inner Bad Girl Reminder: Getting in touch with your Inner Bad Girl is a choice you can make every day. If you slide into Toxic Niceness, it’s okay to start your day over at any point in time.

Random Blog of the Day: *Different Stars*…. Lots of fashion talk and pop culture. Pretty great blog.

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