>The Wonderful Land of Oz

>I spent all day at my mom’s school today helping in her class and getting her drama kids ready for their play.

They did The Wonderful Land of Oz. It was super cute.  The little girl who played Dorothy was ADORABLE! Here is some pics I took from their play.

Dorothy and Toto
The Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman and Cowardly Lion
All the kiddos after the show!
These kids are in Kindergarten through 5th grade and did a FULL 1 1/2 hour musical production. They were amazing.  Dorothy is only in 3rd grade.  I was really incredibly impressed with the whole show.  Support The Arts in your schools! Kids need it!
Ok well I am incredibly tired. It was a very long day. Everyone you see wearing face paint in this production, I did.  I never want to paint a face again…haha just kidding! I love doing stage makeup and had a great time doing the lion’s makeup and Toto’s makeup. Little talents no one knows I have. 🙂
See ya tomorrow! Hopefully we see Friday The 13th tomorrow and I can tell you about how freaked out I was. LOL!
Your Inner Bad Girl wonders what would happen if we decided that every hour was “Happy Hour”–and it had nothing to do with cocktails.
Random Blog of the Day: Food for Thought…reviews of stuff, cute babies and bubbles!
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