>Review- Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins


In Rachel Hawkins book, Hex Hall, we meet Sophia Mercer.  Sophie is a teenage witch, who lives with her human mother and is just trying to be a normal high school student.  When a love spell goes awry, Sophie is sent to Hecate Hall, a school for misfit Prodigium. Surrounded by witches, faeries, shapeshifters, and her new vampire best friend, Sophie still finds herself just not fitting in.  When something starts attacking students and her best friend is suspect, Sophie must solve these mysteries and rise up to meet her destiny.  With an absent Warlock father, and family secrets that Sophie doesn’t even know, Sophie finds herself in a heap of trouble and struggling to find her way out.
I enjoyed reading this story.  I wasn’t in awe, but it was a decent book.  I wasn’t completely drawn into the story, but it was a light and easy read.  I don’t feel like there was enough character development in this book and I was left wondering a lot about characters.  I’m ok with a mysterious character here and there, but not when all the characters have an air of mystery about them.  There was a lot of things that characters did, that were never explained.  I also never felt sucked in.  There wasn’t a lot of aw moments that you usually find in this sort of book and I didn’t really feel like any of the characters were someone a young adult audience could relate to.  I feel plot wise, there was some good moments, but everything just happened so quickly and the journey to big moments wasn’t there.  I enjoyed this book, but I feel there could have been more to it.  I hope there is some character development in the next book and that we get to understand Sophie’s world a bit better.
Disclosure of Material Connection: I got this book from my local public library! I can say whatever I want. 🙂
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