BEDA Day One: Horrible Start to a Fun Project


Day One

IT IS APRIL 1ST! Which means pranks are running wild and people are all of a sudden pregnant, married, and other crazy things.

It also means it’s day one for BEDA!

For those of you who aren’t in the know, BEDA is Blog Every Day in April. It’s pretty self explanitory. I’ll be blogging every day this month. A lot of people do this and it is actually quite fun to read about the day to day lives of some of my favorite bloggers. On Youtube they do VEDA, but I decided I wasn’t up for a daily vlog of my beautiful face. I figured this way I can type these up in my underwear and no one would be none the wiser.

I don’t sit around in my underwear…just in case you were wondering.

I’m also going to be doing something of my own invention that I dubbed PEDA (Picture Every Day in April). I’ll be uploading a picture of myself everyday on Dailybooth. You can find those here. Now I can’t guarantee these will be very good pictures or even very pretty pictures, but it’ll show you me….the real me. Oy what am I getting myself into?

Anywho, now that you all know what’s going on. I can move on from the boring stuff…though these posts may all be very boring. I apologize ahead of time.

Today has been pretty uneventful.

I haven’t been feeling that great the last couple of days, so I’ve spent most of today laying in the same position and watching youtube videos and shows on HULU. Oh the joys of being me.

There is this thing going on right now on Youtube called NextUp. It’s basically where people enter a video to get money to better their youtube channel. Luke Conard has entered, you can see his video here! Go like it, likes count as votes. He’s pretty stinkin awesome.

Well that’s been my day so far. My hubby is making me stay home tonight since I haven’t been feeling well. I’m making spaghetti. Woohoo.

See you tomorrow.

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