BEDA Day Two: Bacon and Peanut Butter Cookies


Day Two

Hello readers! It’s day two of BEDA!


I have to admit, I put this post off all day and just couldn’t bring myself to write it.  Not a great sign on only the second day.

I spent a nice relaxing day with the hubby. We slept in late and then took a nice walk to the store to get bacon and milk for breakfast.  I made a yummy breakfast of eggs, toast and deli bacon (that stuff is DELICIOUS!).

We hung around and watched Scott Pilgrim VS The World. It was pretty funny, but a little strange. I could have done without all the comic book stuff, even though I guess that was the whole premise of the movie.

Then we went for a drive and had Subway for dinner. We ended up running into one of our old youth kids who works there. She is going through some crazy stuff in her life right now and it makes me sad. I don’t understand who parents can hurt their children. How could you EVER lay your hands on your own teenage daughter. Makes me sick.

Anyways, We played a ton of Bananagrams on Facebook (I’m beast at that game) and then I made some peanut butter cookies. Now we’re watching Bones Season 5 before heading off to bed.

Pretty relaxing day.  I feel sort of bleh still though. My head hurts pretty bad right now. No fun.

Church tomorrow. That’s always a good time. I love my church family.

Well that’s all for today. Sorry there isn’t anything exciting going on around here. Hopefully the whole month isn’t like this.

See you tomorrow.

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