BEDA Day Three: Church Time!


Day Three

Hi loves! Today is Day Three of BEDA!

I had a fantastic day at church and hanging with my church family.

Bobby talked about Lot and moving forward from our pasts. Good stuff. I can’t seem to recall what Pastor Greg spoke on, but I bet at the time I really enjoyed it.  The reason for my lapse in memory is because I spent service snuggling with my friends baby, Kaelie. She is the cutest thing.

Check out this pic from our snuggle time. She even praises Jesus in her sleep. 🙂

After Church we went to this crazy Hawaiian BBQ place called Ono Hawaiian. The teriyaki chicken was pretty tasty and they had amazing pasta salad. I’d go back just for the pasta salad it was that good.

Then I went and hung out at my PK’s house (that’s Pastor Kid for those who aren’t down). She’s 16 and pretty much the coolest kid I know. We bond and click like no other. I less than three her! She had to clean her room so I sat in the middle of the bed chatting and facebooking while she cleaned. We seriously talked about the best stuff. We decided that we have to do everything in our power to go to camp in Indiana this summer. It looks like it’s going to be SO amazing.

When I say camp, I mean church camp. Yup I’m one of THOSE people. HAHA. I don’t even know what that means.

I love hanging with my church fam though. I happily spend all day every Sunday with them. They’re amazing.

Well, now I’m home and sleepy. Going to crash pretty soon. I’ll leave you with today’s super adorable PEDA picture and say see you tomorrow!


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