BEDA Day Four: Things to Come


Day Four

It’s Day Four of BEDA and I’m still happily chugging along.

I spent today finding bloggers to invite to the Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference. If you haven’t registered already you need to! It’s going to be pretty awesome. It’s $45 for all 5 days and your entrance fee will be mostly compensated in free books! There is a lot of really great panels and you’ll get flooded with information and interesting things. All in all it’s a great time. I attended last year and had a very pleasant time and made tons of connections.

Tomorrow is One Day Without Shoes. This is sponsored by Tom’s Shoes and is an amazing event. It raises awareness for children all over the world who are without shoes and suffering because of it. Go one day, one hour or even one minute without shoes and feel what these children go through every day. I’ll be participating like I do every year and I hope you do too.  You can see my video from last year here.

Been watching Bones for about the last 4 hours with the hubby. I absolutely adore this show. We’re on Season 5. Thank Jesus for Netflix!

Anywho, that’s it for today. Go check out my PEDA pic from today. Nap times are so grand!

See you tomorrow!

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