BEDA Day Six: Wednesday Night Life


Day Six

Oh man! I almost completely forgot to do my BEDA post for today. That would have been such a MAJOR fail.

As I’m typing this the bottom of my post says it is 6:23 am…um something isn’t right with that.

So today has been a weird day for me. I’ve been really mentally off ALL day. That probably explains why I completely spaced on BEDA.

I drank an energy drink for breakfast and then didn’t eat till like 2pm and had a bowl of cereal and then didn’t eat again until like 10pm. So I’ve felt really not ok all day. I have hypoglycemia and not eating is really not a good idea for me. Plus drinking a sugary energy drink probably didn’t help.

I started learning how to fix computers today. I had to wipe and reboot one and also clean out all the dirt and dog hair from inside. It was nasty! I didn’t do so good on the whole rebooting, but it was due to technically problems beyond my control.

I had Wednesday Night Life tonight! It’s basically our Wednesday youth group at my church. My hubby and I are leaders and help out. It is super fun! I love love love our kids. They’re AMAZING! Bobby (the youth pastor) taught about not feeling like you matter and the fact that you DO matter. It was good stuff. Afterwards we drove 2 of the girls home and they’re really awesome. We’re having an all nighter next weekend and it’s going to be so much stinking fun. You’ll probably see a post and lots of pictures from that.

Well that’s it for today. My brain still feels funny and I’m pretty tired. I still need to put up a PEDA picture and I didn’t take ANY today. Not good. :/

Anyways, See you tomorrow!

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