BEDA Day Seven: Holey Moley Batman!


Day Seven

It’s day seven of BEDA and the title has nothing to do with today!!! YAY!

Hi, I’m Manda and I’m hyper.

I did laundry today and I am wearing clean chonies.

Chonies are underwear, in case you didn’t know.

I had Panda Express for dinner and they made me angry.

Who uses bleach on the floor when there is customers and food around?

It was brown and it has raisins, so we flushed it for those reasons. This is a poop song, this is a poop song.

I really want ice cream.

My dogs are both laying next to me on the couch and their fast asleep.

The big one is snoring.

I love Nerdfighters.

Luke Conard is amazing…google him.

I love that google is a verb now.

If you can’t tell I’m just typing everything that pops in my head.

I’m super ADD right now, so sorry this is odd.

I’m out of thoughts.

See you tomorrow.

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