BEDA Day Eight: I Babble Really Good


Day Eight

So I was reading through yesterday’s post and I am so special.

I can’t believe I’ve already been doing BEDA for 8 days. I don’t even know if anyone is reading these since I have zero comments. If you’re reading these posts and sticking with me for BEDA you should let me know. Give me ideas for stuff to write about. I live a pretty boring life.

I hung out with my neighbors today. They’re entertaining. The guy next to them was blasting his music and it was annoying, so my friend turned his massive 5 foot speaker toward the wall and blared it. The whole apartment was shaking from the bass. He’s such a jerk, but it was hilarious. Not something I would do, but I admit I laughed pretty hard. I’m going to miss seeing them every day when we move. 😦

We went and saw my niece and nephew tonight. Wandered around the house for a while and looked at stuff since we’ll be moving in their June 1st. I’m so excited to be moving into a house! I hope we get a roommate! Bah!

We have to be up early tomorrow. Mikey has to work and I have drama practice at church for Easter. I’m completely leading the drama and it’s stressful. I’m spending a couple hours before practice running through staging by myself so it’s perfect. I am really excited. I’m going to try to get someone to tape it so I can put it up here.

I really should be going to bed right now, but I don’t feel like it. I’ve been playing with Groove Shark for like the last hour or more. If you don’t know what it is, check it out. I’m amazed by it’s awesomeness. It’s basically like having iTunes without having to download anything.

Alrighty, well I’m off to put up my PEDA pic and to listen to more music.

See you tomorrow.

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3 Responses to BEDA Day Eight: I Babble Really Good

  1. Michelle McFarland says:

    I read all your blogs lol I’m not a stalker I just like them. Your life isn’t as boring as mine lol

    • manderiffic says:

      Aw! It’s nice to hear that people read them! I don’t think of readers as stalkers, but as best friends! Best Friends talk though, so comment! 🙂 ❤ you girly!

  2. Michelle McFarland says:

    Aww I have a friend 🙂

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