BEDA Day Ten: Friends are Fun


Day Ten

Hi, it’s day nine of BEDA!

Sorry I was so lame yesterday. I was just super cranky and my day had been pretty boring.

We did go get frozen yogurt last night and that was good. We went to this place called Mojo and it was in this place called City North. It is the weirdest place ever. It’s a bunch of stores and stuff that have loft apartments above them. This concept is really weird to me and I don’t know how I feel about it. I felt like I walked into an ad for ikea and trendy people.

Today is Sunday so that means CHURCH! 🙂

I really love my church. Sunday School and service were good.

We had practice afterwards for Easter and it went really well. Everyone is doing an amazing job.

We went to lunch at Wendy’s with some friends and some adorable babies. I really love spending time with awesome people. I’m so glad we decided to make a church switch. I finally feel like we have friends.

After that we stopped by to see my friend Crystalina. She was in Japan for a while and got sent home because of the earthquakes. She is supposed to go back, but we don’t know when. It was good to sit around and chat with her.

Came home and relaxed with the hubby and now getting ready to sleep. I’m a sleepy Manda and my legs hurt SO bad from practice 2 days in a row. I think I need more excercise. Haha.

Anyways, see you tomorrow!

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