The False Princess by Eilis O’Neal Review

The False Princess by Eilis O'NealThe False Princess

by Eilis O’Neal

Publisher: Egmont USA


Princess and heir to the throne of Thorvaldor, Nalia has led a privileged life at court. But everything changes when she learns, just after her sixteenth birthday, that she is a false princess, a stand-in for the real Nalia, who has been hidden away for her protection. Cast out with little more than the clothes on her back, the girl now called Sinda must leave behind the city, her best friend, Kiernan, and the only life she’s ever known.

Sent to live with her only surviving relative, a cold, scornful woman with little patience for her newfound niece, Sinda proves inept at even the simplest tasks. Then she discovers that magic runs through her veins – long-suppressed, dangerous magic that she must learn to control – and she realizes that she will never learn to be just a simple village girl.

Sinda returns to the city to seek answers. Instead, she rediscovers the boy who refused to forsake her, and uncovers a secret that could change the course of Thorvaldor’s history, forever.

The False Princess by Eilis O’Neal

Review by Me!

5 Squees/5 Squees

So, I have to admit, when I finished the last page of this book, I sighed. OUT LOUD! It was that perfect of an ending.

I loved this book all the way from the beginning. It was such an interesting storyline and had so many interesting features. I was enthralled through the whole thing.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this one. I actually put off reading it for quiet a while. I’ve had a hard time with books not set in modern times lately and I also didn’t really want to read a princess story. This is NOT a typical renaissance period princess and kingdom book. There is princesses and there is kingdoms, but it was so much more than that. Without giving anything away, you will be shocked by the twists and turns this book takes. I actually found myself yelling and gasping at certain points.

I adored Sinda, the false princess. She is a very strong character, though she doesn’t always believe it, and her personality is just amazing. I was humored by her and felt connected to her the whole time. There is romance mixed in too, but it isn’t overwhelming and will keep you very satisfied.

I loved the mystery in this too. I love that Eilis O’Neal wrote so many themes into this story that will draw in many types of readers. I was very pleased with this one and actually regret waiting so long to read it. Definitely Squee worthy!

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