Well Hi There

Remember me? 😀

I have been a bit negligent these last couple weeks. We moved into our new house the weekend before last and it was crazy during the weeks before the move. Since we’ve moved it’s been even MORE crazy.

We got a new roommate. He’s pretty awesome. We get along great! Thank God for that! 😀

Sunday was pastor appreciation. That was good times! 😀

Since Sunday after church, Kaitlynn has been here. She’s staying until this Sunday. We also had McKenna over one night and Marley is over tonight. (They’re all our youth kids, in case you’re confused.)

So, yeah it’s been good, but busy, times.

I haven’t finished unpacking. Major fail on my part. I just can’t seem to get motivated. Probably has something to do with having a Wii now! 😀

Yup, we got a Wii! We also got a hard drive with 147 games, so I’m hooked. I’ve been trying to get at least SOMETHING unpacked before I get sucked into playing, but I’m not always successful. If I could focus I could probably rock a lot out pretty quick.

Next week is camp! YAY! I’m so excited. I made up an AWESOME theme and we’re going to have a great time. I can’t wait. I wish Mikey was going, but maybe next year. I’ll put up some pics when I get home. I always end up taking a TON. 😀

Ok that’s all that’s going on with me. I got a couple books from the library that I’ll read and hopefully review and I still have quite a few books that I need to read and review. So hopefully I’ll have some after camp! 😀

Ok see ya!

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