The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I just finished reading Cress, the third book in The Lunar Chronicles series, and I need more! I wasn’t going to do a review for these and I even thought about filming a quick video, but my thoughts are in such a jumble that I felt a blog post was the best way to put it all out there.

First off, YOU NEED TO READ THIS SERIES! However, the 4th installment isn’t out till November and unless you want to feel like I do right now, maybe you should wait till then. Having just finished the 3rd book, I just need more. I closed the cover and actually yelled out loud, “WHAT?! That is where you are leaving it??? Are you kidding me Marissa?! NOOOOOO!” I know, I’m insane. Seriously though, this series is amazing.

After finishing Cinder, I was kind of not completely impressed, but I am glad that I gave the rest of the series a chance. The first book was very predictable and a little bland, but the other two books made everything better and I am now officially hooked on not only the plot, but the characters as well. Imagine Disney princesses meet futuristic robot fiction and you’ve got The Lunar Chronicles. Marissa Meyer took characters that we are all familiar with and gave them so much depth, excitement and adventure. Pure Brilliance.

If you can’t tell already, I love this series and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves YA and Sci-Fi. The Lunar Chronicles fits in perfectly with the current post-apocalyptic and futuristic fiction that is popular as of late. Check this one out, and be back in November for my freak out after reading the next book.

~Happy Reading

Manda Kay

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